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Re: New upstream version of velvet contains debian/ dir

]] Peter Samuelson 

> [Neil Williams]
> > These are not native packages, they are expressly used by other
> > distributions than Debian or even Debian derivatives - just because
> > I'm on the upstream team / am the entire upstream team does NOT mean
> > that I am justified in polluting the tarball released to RPM users
> > with stuff which is specific to Debian.
> There are valid reasons to encourage upstreams not to ship debian/ in
> tarballs, but this one seems specious.  Lots of projects ship RPM spec
> files, often multiple ones for specific Linux distributions.  Neither
> spec files nor debian dirs are "bloat" on anything like the same scale
> as convenience copies of Windows DLLs.

As long as the debian/ directory is properly maintained, I don't really
see a downside in shipping it upstream.

> Sure, the debian dir in your tarball may give little benefit to most of
> its users.  But does it really inconvenience anyone (other than the
> Debian maintainer)?  Unless the debian dir adds more than, say, 10% to
> the size of the download, I would say it does not.

If the Debian maintainer uses the 3.0 format, the debian/ directory is
magically removed from the upstream tarball anyway.

Tollef Fog Heen
UNIX is user friendly, it's just picky about who its friends are

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