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Re: New upstream version of velvet contains debian/ dir

On Mon, 10 Sep 2012 18:57:45 +0900
Charles Plessy <plessy@debian.org> wrote:

> For the package velvet:  I created it.  I sometimes use it.  I uploaded it 14
> times.  I met the developer in the real life (5 minutes...).  It has been some
> time I have been considering switching the source package to Git in order to
> track the upstream repository.  I want to pull from them and send them patches.
> Others can have a different vision for their own packages.  There is no need
> for a project-wide consensus there.  The upstream guide on Debian's wiki gives
> an advice that is generic, but in the case of velvet, I volunteer to work
> directly from the Git repository, so it is not needed to ask Upstream to remove
> the debian directory from their tarballs.

I have multiple upstreams which I created, wrote 95% of the codebase
and am the sole or primary uploader. I work directly in the upstream
VCS but none of that is any reason to retain the debian/ directory in
the released tarball. I've even moved some of the upstream VCS
repositories to alioth.debian.org but there is no debian/ directory in
the releases.

I release the tarballs on freshmeat/freecode as tarballs without
debian/ because non-Debian downstreams want to use the code. I don't
package rpm specs files for those people, there's no-one on the team
who understands rpm specs files.

I package for Debian directly from the upstream VCS by simply applying
the debian/ directory to the tarball.

These are not native packages, they are expressly used by other
distributions than Debian or even Debian derivatives - just because I'm
on the upstream team / am the entire upstream team does NOT mean that I
am justified in polluting the tarball released to RPM users with stuff
which is specific to Debian.

Upstream should remove debian/ directories for lots of reasons -
including that the debian/ stuff is just bloat for anyone not using
Debian to build it. Stop being lazy and be a friendly upstream to
non-Debian downstreams.


Neil Williams

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