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Re: New upstream version of velvet contains debian/ dir

[Neil Williams]
> These are not native packages, they are expressly used by other
> distributions than Debian or even Debian derivatives - just because
> I'm on the upstream team / am the entire upstream team does NOT mean
> that I am justified in polluting the tarball released to RPM users
> with stuff which is specific to Debian.

There are valid reasons to encourage upstreams not to ship debian/ in
tarballs, but this one seems specious.  Lots of projects ship RPM spec
files, often multiple ones for specific Linux distributions.  Neither
spec files nor debian dirs are "bloat" on anything like the same scale
as convenience copies of Windows DLLs.

Sure, the debian dir in your tarball may give little benefit to most of
its users.  But does it really inconvenience anyone (other than the
Debian maintainer)?  Unless the debian dir adds more than, say, 10% to
the size of the download, I would say it does not.


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