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Re: greater popularity of Debian on AMD64?

On 09/06/2012 05:37 AM, Patrick Matthäi wrote:
> Am 05.09.2012 23:24, schrieb martin f krafft:
>> I said fglrx — because its binary-only version caused regular
>> crashes and headaches for Linux users.
> Which is ATM more useful as nvidia prop. ones. And AMD (not the ATI in
> the past) is in general interested (and already legaly checked) in
> opening fglrx, but it fails with third party foo...
> Anyway AMD in general is doing quite much for the OSS community, why it
> is IMO fud.
Would you then advise for an AMD card over Nvidia?
Is it better supported, and integrate with the standard
desktop screen switcher(s), like xrandr and friends?

Just curious, and willing to know what to buy...


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