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Re: libfm and pcmanfm in debian


Neil Williams has written on Sunday,  2 September, at 21:51:
>On Sun, 2 Sep 2012 22:33:14 +0300
>"Andrej N. Gritsenko" <andrej@rep.kiev.ua> wrote:

>> You may hate me saying this but that's sad fact. If you think it's normal
>> then I'll shut up and let users ask you why their bugreports are never
>> fixed. And upstream will tell them how to run 'make install'. :)

>That's a complete misunderstanding of the role of upstream. Bugs in
>Debian are fixed via unstable, not stable. Important fixes can be
>backported after the release, if there is a request to do so but as the
>existing user base have not reported any release critical issues in
>these packages, there is no reason to change the release status of the
>packages. Existing bugs will be handled in the normal way - once the
>release process is complete.

    Thank you very much for that detailed explanation. So you think if
debian user reports the bug in upstream tracker I should send him back
into debian BTS so debian will know that the bug really exists and
bothers debian users? If I knew that earlier I would do so instead of
fixing all those bugs. :)
    And don't expect those bugs in BTS be closed after release, most of
them were fixed in upstream this spring/summer so they will stay still
Outstanding until release 1.0 will come into Wheezy somehow.

>Also, 'make install' might not work on systems running newer versions
>anyway because upstreams tend to rely on latest versions of other
>dependencies, some of which are probably in exactly the same situation
>where version 0.2.3 is in testing and will be released but 0.3.0 is in
>some random VCS / as a tarball on a random download site. Therefore,
>nothing is likely to happen until all of the relevant dependencies are
>updated in unstable *after* the Wheezy release.

    The users raised that problem already in upstream bugtracker so as an
upstream developer I test if the libfm/pcmanfm can be compiled and ran as
expected with any currently supported distributions (that includes stable
debian release, LTS ubuntu releases and other of the same age) so thank
you for mentioning, I'm aware of it. So last three debian users who have
submitted the bug reports to upstream was told to overwrite their files
from debian squeeze by doing 'make install'.

>BTW it's nothing to do with me, I have used LXDE before (gradually
>moving to XFCE instead), I'm not a maintainer of LXDE and don't
>really care about either package specifically. I'm just looking to get
>Wheezy released without people expecting new upstream releases to be
>included at this late stage.

    And I'm looking to get Wheezy released without very old unstable
software while there is one considered stable. You telling "late stage".
I thought there are few months before release yet. Am I wrong?


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