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Re: libfm and pcmanfm in debian


Neil Williams has written on Sunday,  2 September, at 19:17:
>On Sun, 2 Sep 2012 20:30:31 +0300
>"Andrej N. Gritsenko" <andrej@rep.kiev.ua> wrote:

>>The version libfm 0.1.17
>> and pcmanfm 0.9.10 have few tens of critical bugs. Some of them are:

>None of which appear to have been filed against the Debian packages. It
>could be that no-one else has experienced such problems or the
>problems do not affect Debian.

    I suppose it's just because people submit bugreports directly into
pcmanfm bugtracker instead of bugreporting into debian. It's may be my
classification of bugs is wrong - as developer I classify the bug being
critical if it hangs desktop, if application crashes, if an application
eats all available memory, etc. All those issues were caused and proven
to happen on debian (in fact, I fixed some of them exactly in debian
environment - on the "testing" distro).

>I've used LXDE from Debian on a couple of boxes without experiencing
>critical bugs.

    You are more lucky than some other users then. :)

>Unreported bugs cannot be fixed. Bugs which are meant to affect the
>versions of packages in a Debian stable release have to be demonstrated
>in Debian before the package can be fixed in Debian. 

    There are lot of bugs in the BTS already - just take a look at this:


Half of them are about crashes (even on very start) despite of being put
into Important or Normal category.

>>     The first stable versions 1.0 of both libfm and pcmanfm are released
>> almost a month ago.

>Debian has been in release freeze for over a month now. New upstream
>releases are not included automatically during a release freeze. Each
>change needs to be reviewed with respect to the current code in Debian

    The exact date of publishing 1.0~rc1 (release-candidate) version was
July 08. It's a week later than a release freeze but unfortunately it
cannot be helped.

>>     To make inclusion of those obsolete versions info wheezy worse 

>How can something released *after* the freeze began be considered

    There is probably misunderstanding here. I meant as "obsolete" the
versions that are in testing currently, not last released ones.
    Those versions (libfm-0.1.17 and pcmanfm-0.9.10) are about of year
old and about of 1/10 of project's APIs was changed since - there was a
big code revision made between releases. It's why upstream developers
just cannot accept bugreports for those versions anymore. I'm sorry.

>>     Tell me, please, how I can achieve the inclusion of stable version of
>> libfm/pcmanfm into next debian release? BTW, next release of Ubuntu will
>> have 1.0 (or even 1.0.1) versions included. Why debian should not?

>New upstream releases are not accepted into Debian testing during a
>Debian release freeze. Specific fixes can be considered but there are
>no RC bugs filed against either package in Debian currently. Show that
>the bugs affect the Debian packages, file the bugs and work with the
>maintainer(s) to fix the bugs.

    Maintainers were aware of the upstream release coming in the very
beginning of July and some of them even told me release team was notified
about this. Since developers team of LXDE is small enough nobody of them
have enough time to accept any bugreport for libfm/pcmanfm older than
version 1.0. I'm sorry but if we cannot find a solution for this problem
then all the current bugs in Debian BTS will be there for very long time.
You may hate me saying this but that's sad fact. If you think it's normal
then I'll shut up and let users ask you why their bugreports are never
fixed. And upstream will tell them how to run 'make install'. :)


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