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Re: libfm and pcmanfm in debian


Ansgar Burchardt has written on Sunday,  2 September, at 22:04:
>"Andrej N. Gritsenko" <andrej@rep.kiev.ua> writes:
>>     Tell me, please, how I can achieve the inclusion of stable version of
>> libfm/pcmanfm into next debian release? BTW, next release of Ubuntu will
>> have 1.0 (or even 1.0.1) versions included. Why debian should not?

>There were a few mails about libfm 1.0 on lxde-debian@lists.lxde.org in
>July[1] and August[2].

>  [1] <http://lists.lxde.org/pipermail/lxde-debian/2012-July/date.html>
>  [2] <http://lists.lxde.org/pipermail/lxde-debian/2012-August/date.html>

    Yes, I know about those and every question you've raised is fixed
already. The problem is LXDE maintainers are very busy this summer so
I've decided to help them but I'm new in this area unfortunately.

    With best wishes.

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