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libfm and pcmanfm in debian


    There is a problem with libfm and pcmanfm that are coming into next
stable debian release. Those are much outdated. The version libfm 0.1.17
and pcmanfm 0.9.10 have few tens of critical bugs. Some of them are:
 - lock up of X server on drag & drop operation;
 - frequent random crashes;
 - guaranteed crashes in some conditions;
 - unrecoverable losing of files on some operations;
 - huge memory leaks on some operations (up to 1 GiB in an hour).
Full list of bugs fixed since those versions will take pages of text so I
didn't list all of them but just main categories. And since pcmanfm is
one of core components of LXDE to have lot of critical bugs in it is very
bad thing you know.

    The first stable versions 1.0 of both libfm and pcmanfm are released
almost a month ago. Only 1 critical bug was discovered since 1.0~rc1 was
released (what happened 2 months ago) so it's really stable and even well
documented. And there are 15 important and normal bugs in the Debian bug
tracker about pcmanfm, which are fixed already I believe.
    To make inclusion of those obsolete versions info wheezy worse - them
aren't supported by any of developers anymore and never will since there
was too many fixes so backporting only one of them doesn't worth all that
efforts. I don't want that buggy version come into stable debian release
and I don't think any of you ever want this. I have made debian packages
long time ago, its can be installed cleanly by 'apt-get install pcmanfm'
onto wheezy without any caveats. And yes, I have the packages backported
(with few little modifications) to squeeze as well.

    Tell me, please, how I can achieve the inclusion of stable version of
libfm/pcmanfm into next debian release? BTW, next release of Ubuntu will
have 1.0 (or even 1.0.1) versions included. Why debian should not?

    With the best wishes.

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