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Re: Stuff from /bin, /sbin, /lib depending on /usr/lib libraries

[Thomas Goirand]
> Typically, I have / on 2 small RAID1 partitions making the array on the
> first
> 2 HDD (1 or 2 gigs), and /usr on a LVM on a much, much larger RAID array
> (I use mostly software RAID1 and RAID10, but in some cases, much bigger
> hardware RAID5). So yes, that's my usual server setup.

I guess I can understand that you want your /usr to be resizeable, but
really, life is so much simpler when you just go ahead and create a 12
GB root filesystem (and no separate /usr) and be done with it.  The
days have long passed when that 10 or 11 GB of wasted space was
anything to worry about.

> Also, / is a partition on which almost nothing is read or written,
> while the others (eg: /usr, /var, /tmp, swap) are a lot more I/O
> intensive.  Which means that / is less prone to failure.

I always thought reads were pretty harmless and it's mostly writes you
have to worry about (both for bugs in the OS FS, and for the physical
media).  And both / and /usr should have very few writes,

I used to think keeping / fully self-contained was useful.  But it is a
non-zero amount of effort, and I'm becoming convinced that these days,
the separate /usr is going the way of the shared /usr/share.


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