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Re: can we (fully) fix/integrate NetworkManager (preferred) or release-goal its decommissioning

On Fri, Aug 24, 2012 at 04:18:12PM +0200, Andrew Shadura wrote:
> Hello,
> On Fri, 24 Aug 2012 15:03:49 +0100
> Ben Hutchings <ben@decadent.org.uk> wrote:
> > There is, it's called the kernel.
> No, there isn't, and there can't possibly be, as interface's
> configuration isn't only what ifconfig/route/ip reports to you (which
> is what kernel knows about it).

What elements of interface state are you thinking of, then?


Ben Hutchings
We get into the habit of living before acquiring the habit of thinking.
                                                              - Albert Camus

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