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Re: Minified javascript files

 ❦ 19 août 2012 20:10 CEST, Simon Josefsson <simon@josefsson.org> :

>>> They are distributing files without source, so everyone else can either
>>> not just easily modify it or verify if it really does what it is
>>> supposed to do. This is definitely a shortcoming in what upstream ships
>>> and really something you should bug upstream about.
>> The source is one link away. People wanting the source just have to
>> click on the link in the header of the minified version. As for
>> verification, having the source next to the minified version does not
>> guarantee anything about the minified version, all the more that we
>> don't have currently in Debian Wheezy a reliable minifier.
> That seems problematic -- so even if the source is shipped, there is no
> way to re-build the minified file?

Not in Debian Wheezy. The most up-to-date minifier, uglifyjs, has
suffered from the node.js name transition and is not currently available
in wheezy. Other minifiers (like yui-compressor) are considered not
reliable enough. Therefore, currently, we offer only uncompressed
version of jQuery.
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