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Re: Minified javascript files

 ❦ 18 août 2012 19:46 CEST, "Bernhard R. Link" <brlink@debian.org> :

>> That way, there's no need to strip unused RFC, minified javascript, Flash files,
>> PDF without sources, etc.
> Striping them away is only the forth best solution. There are some better
> solutions like:
> - make upstream include the sources
> - include the sources yourself
> - make upstream not include files without source
> That might not always be easy, but it's not different from getting any
> other fixes upstream.

The difference is that we need to bug upstream about a file that we
won't even use. There is no real bug (not even a licensing issue). We
request him to add a file that we won't use anyway. I don't know many
upstream who have so much free time.

>> All this has been useless bureaucracy which has drawn people away.
> If people are drawn away by someone caring for the freedom of our users,
> perhaps they are not really a loss. </scnr>

If the chosen solution is to repack (which does not involve arguing with
upstream about it), I don't really see what difference it will make on
the freedom of our users to keep or not such a file.

We are talking about unused files whose license allows redistribution.
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