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Re: Change default PATH for Jessie / wheezy+1


On 08.08.2012 16:01, Thomas Goirand wrote:
> IMHO, if there's distros with ifconfig but not ip, then such distro
> doesn't deserve much attention. The standard *is* ip, it's a much
> more powerful tool that does all you need (you can't say the same
> thing with ifconfig).

If you do not use ip, you have no way to assign more than one IP address
to the same interface. Thus, there won't be any feature missing and
sub-interfaces providing the same functionality are supported as I said
earlier today.

Yes, ip is more powerful but with ifconfig, route, vconfig, mii-tool and
arp you have roughly the same functionality ip provides in a very
cryptic user interface.

The standard is *not* ip, the difference is just that iproute2 has a
more active upstream than net-tools. At some point we might be urged to
make a decision, but I don't see much interest to get rid of net-tools
entirely now. Neither outside Debian.

>> Anyway it's up to the user to choose the commands he wants.
> If that was truth, then let's forget about Debian and let's use Windows.

Please keep the discussion on a factual level.

> Also, for example, d-i has ip, but not ifconfig, IIRC.

Roger gave you the rationale earlier today. This is a reasonably new

> Also, if the user is using the wrong tool, we might want to
> teach him the right way.

net-tools is not exactly the "wrong tool"..

> By the way:
> echo "alias ifconfig='ip a'" >>.bashrc

That's not going to work and you know that. I hope you do at least.

with kind regards,
Arno Töll
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