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Re: How to proceed with switching packages on first CDs to xz?

Ansgar Burchardt <ansgar@debian.org> writes:
> My suggestion is to now switch the default compression for GNOME and KDE
> packages to xz using gnome-pkg-tools (pkg-kde-tools) and then either
> schedule binNMUs (only arch:any packages) or no-changes uploads (for
> arch:all or Multi-Arch).  I would help with the latter if you agree me
> doing +build1 uploads that are not recorded in the VCS.

I prepared patches for cdbs (gnome.mk)[1] and pkg-kde-tools[2] to use xz
compression by default.  This affects 286 (GNOME[3]) resp. 204 (KDE[4])
source packages; all binaries are Priority: optional or extra.

  [1] <http://bugs.debian.org/683819>
  [2] <http://bugs.debian.org/657243>
  [3] <http://people.debian.org/~ansgar/wheezy-cd-with-xz/sources-using-gnome.mk.txt>
  [4] <http://people.debian.org/~ansgar/wheezy-cd-with-xz/sources-using-pkg-kde-tools.txt>

Not all packages will be rebuilt before the release, so some might
change compression should they be updated later.  As this does only
affect a subset of packages, I hope the release team is okay with this.

Once the patches are applied, I would like to start rebuilding a few
packages taken from the top of my earlier list:

    brasero 1320
    empathy 1574
    eog 821
    epiphany-browser 1175
    evince 3308
    evolution-data-server 1283
    gconf 965
    gnome-control-center 2036
    gnome-keyring 861
    gnome-panel 1444
    gnome-settings-daemon 889
    gnome-terminal 1653
    gnome-user-docs 2885
    gtk+3.0 3642
    libgweather 1827
    metacity 823
    nautilus 2223
    totem 1147
    kde4libs 718
    kde-runtime 1360
    kde-workspace 2352
    kdenetwork 1844
    kdepim 7259
    qt4-x11 2195
    qtwebkit 2697
  OTHER (file bug report, upload to DELAYED/5):
    app-install-data 1489
    geoip-database 1323
    gnome-disk-utility 1212
    gnome-packagekit 1211
    gtk+2.0 3721
    icu 3309
    iso-codes 1871
    libav 600
    mutt 739
    mysql-5.5 2283
    nss 844
    oxygencursors 3326
    pulseaudio 559
    samba 558
    vlc 3970
    webkit 2644
    xkb-data 559

I have indicated the space savings in kB, but they are mostly only for a
single binary built from the named source.  The space savings are about
50 MB for the GNOME CD and over 32 MB for the KDE CD (more as each
source produces many binaries).

As mentioned I plan to do no-changes source uploads for arch:all and
Multi-Arch packages; arch:any should get a binNMU.

Once this first round of uploads is complete, we can take a look if we
need a bit more space or if this is already enough.


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