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Re: Have NetworkManager disabled by default when...

On 18/07/12 22:32, Wookey wrote:
+++ Andrei POPESCU [2012-07-18 20:56 +0300]:
On Mi, 18 iul 12, 15:01:43, Adam Borowski wrote:

A different idea would be to have NM configured by default to do what it can
do well (wifi) and stay away from all other interfaces, but because it has
thorough assumptions that it controls all of networking in the system, this
is not a change that could realistically be done during freeze.

One of the reasons I'm using network-manager instead of wicd or even
plain ifupdown is the possibility to switch (more or less) seamlessly
between wired and wifi.

wicd does this just fine too. Tell it to autoconnect to wired and
selected wifi networks and it 'just works' (TM) for me. (wired at
work, wireless at home, in the normal case). I find both daemons give a
smooth experience for this usage (but wicd has the advantage of useful
curses and cli interfaces).



wicd is easy to disable as it has a ENABLE/DISABLE option in
/etc/defaults. N-M doesn't so you either have to remove it properly or
resort to nobbling the init script.

When using rcconf, this becomes even easyer that editing text files.

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