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Re: solving the network-manager-in-gnome problem

On Mon, 23 Jul 2012, Vincent Lefevre wrote:
> so that if you want to make things more consistent, you should
> get rid of /etc/default entirely.

/etc/default is used for a lot more than just enabling/disabling services,
and it will not go away.

Now, if you just mean removing enable/disable switches for initscripts from
/etc/default/*, that should be doable with some effort.  And that's what
this subthread is about.

> to my own working copy. Now I could do that. Then Subversion won't
> detect by itself files that have been added or removed. I need to tell
> it explicitly, which is annoying, as this isn't done automatically.
> But the main problem is the history. If there's only one file, I can
> do, e.g. "svn log the_file". But if files (symlinks) are added or
> removed, I can no longer get the log. Or I need to do that on the

Use the right tool for the job.  SVN is crap for this particular use case,
and any difficulties involving the use of svn to track /etc are irrelevant
because it simply cannot be expected to work properly anyway.  Switch to
etckeeper + git or something else that can version-control symlinks, owner
and mode changes in an useful way (git itself is not enough, thus the use of
etckeeper on top of git).

And that has nothing to do with the interesting part, which is to remove
enable/disable switches for initscripts from /etc/default.

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