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Re: Have NetworkManager disabled by default when...

* Michael Biebl <biebl@debian.org> [120718 17:31]:
> On 18.07.2012 22:54, Matt Zagrabelny wrote:
> >> Why are people not a aware of that update-rc.d interface? Is this a
> >> general documentation problem?
> > 
> > I've been under the impression that future upgrades to the package
> > would re-enable the symlinks whereas /etc/default is not touched by
> > upgrades.
> No, this is not true.
> You are probably thinking of "update-rc.d <service> remove", which
> simply removes the start symlinks, wheres disable renames them from S??
> to K??. This change is preserved during upgrades and invoke-rc.d
> correctly handles such services and does't try to start them when
> disabled this way.

While "update-rc.d <service> disable" correctly disables a service, what
most sysadmins want (or so I believe) when they disable a service in
this manner is to put the service in "manual" mode, which this does not
do, at least not completely.  In "manual" mode, changes to the runlevel,
other than halt and reboot, do not stop or start that service.  The
above command only acts as manual mode as long as the system never
changes runlevel.

To correctly put the service in manual mode you must manually remove the
symlinks from runlevels S 2 3 4 5, leaving the K symlinks for runlevels
0 and 6.  update-rc.d will not do this, as its remove command will only
remove _all_ symlinks, and is really only intended for postrm scripts on
package purge.


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