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Re: Improving our response to "duplicate" packages in Debian

Dnia 2012-07-01, nie o godzinie 08:24 -0400, Kevin Mark pisze:
> On Sun, Jul 01, 2012 at 08:34:01AM +1000, Craig Small wrote:
> > I'd go even further and say that the reason why people start on
> > something generally in Free Software projects is to "scratch their itch"
> > which in Debian could well mean packaing your favourite piece of
> > software.

Sorry for resurrecting old thread, but I want to give perspective of
someone who is maintaining leaf projects.  I am maintaing 3 python
packages. I have started in 2010 (beginning with pytools, then pyopencl)
and in 2011, after nvidia-cuda-toolkit landed in Debian, pycuda.
Recently I have added support for Python 3 in pytools and pyopencl.  I
am cooperating with upstream. Most of uploads were sponsored by Piotr
Ożarowski (except for one, uploading pyopencl 0.92-1 during Squeeze
freeze).  You can say I have stable situation: cooperating with one
upstream, having usual sponsor. Now I am in the process of becoming DM.

> Has anyone quantized the % of tasks that a DD/DM does that are outside of their
> pet projects? Meaning, once they get their itch scratched, how far outside of
> their main reason for joining Debian, do they explore? Would it be useful to
> game-ify people's efforts outside their 'comfort zone' (eg. a perl packager
> working on Haskell, or doing debian-www work) ?
> If people just work on their pet projects, is that the most typical behavior
> throughout Debian's history? Do people explore more as they become more
> comfortable/familiar over a number of years?

Currently I am not reaching very far outside my comfort zone.  I am not
sure whether gamification would help here; maybe some list of easy tasks
to try, to decide whether I like them or not?  I am not sure whether my
situation reflects others, but when going into new territory in the
beginning I need few easy steps and feeling that I can ask someone
without interrupting him/her.  Then, as situation progresses, I feel
more eager to experiment.  I do not feel I can see _the step_ between
managing own packages and doing something more "core".  When I read
about "helping with core" I do not even know where to start.  How to
decide what is this other activity that should be done and I'll feel
confident enough to try?

Best regards.

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