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Re: Have NetworkManager disabled by default when... (was: Recommends for metapackages)

On 2012-07-18 21:32:31 +0100, Wookey wrote:
> +++ Andrei POPESCU [2012-07-18 20:56 +0300]:
> > One of the reasons I'm using network-manager instead of wicd or even 
> > plain ifupdown is the possibility to switch (more or less) seamlessly 
> > between wired and wifi.
> wicd does this just fine too. Tell it to autoconnect to wired and
> selected wifi networks and it 'just works' (TM) for me. (wired at
> work, wireless at home, in the normal case). I find both daemons give a
> smooth experience for this usage (but wicd has the advantage of useful
> curses and cli interfaces).

One may want to use ifupdown for wired because it is more powerful
than wicd, thanks to the "mapping" stanza. In such a case, one needs
to disable wired completely in wicd, and then, I don't think it can
autoconnect to wifi only when there's no wired connection.

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