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Re: Fixing the mime horror ini Debian

Hi Josselin,

On Fr, 13 Jul 2012, Josselin Mouette wrote:
> The freedesktop MIME system (which applies for GNOME, Xfce and LXDE)
> allows to specify defaults for every given MIME type.  However, it is
> not realistic to agree in Debian as a whole on a set of defaults.

But why doesn't it work not even in gnome?

> This is why GNOME sets default associations for GNOME sessions: this is
> the /etc/gnome/defaults.list file. Therefore the behavior you describe

lists application/pdf=evince.desktop

> should not happen in a GNOME session – unless you start it through a
> custom .xsession.
> That’s for GNOME.

Ok, I am talking about starting the default GNOME session from a gdm3.
That is booting into the system, waiting to gdm3 to appear, selecting
GNOME from the dropdown list, type in my name and password and go.

I don't know what that means, but I expect it to work.

I digged into the guts and I *cannot* find any reasonalb explanation:
- all defaults are set to evince
- xdg-mime query gives me evince 
- straceing gvfs-open and checking all opened files I only see proper
  application/pdf entries pointint to evince

But: If I do:
python -c 'import gio; f = gio.File("file:/home/norbert/foo.pdf");print f.query_default_handler();'

I get: 
	<gio.unix.DesktopAppInfo at 0x7ff914c3b910: File Manager>

When I do something similar with perl I get a bit more information,
namely that it seems that there is no default?
$ cat testmime.pl
use strict;
use File::MimeInfo;
use File::MimeInfo::Applications;
my $mime_type = mimetype("/home/norbert/foo.pdf");
print "mime type = $mime_type\n";
my ($default, @other) = mime_applications($mime_type);
if (defined($default)) {
print "default name ".$default->Name."\n";
} else {
  if (@other) {
    for my $o (@other) {
	print "other name ".$o->Name."\n";
  } else {
    print "no default found!\n";

Running that I get:
mime type = application/pdf
other name xpdf
other name ePDFViewer
other name GNU Image Manipulation Program
other name GNU Image Manipulation Program
other name Adobe Reader 9
other name TeXworks
other name PDF Mod
other name Zathura
other name xpdf
other name MuPDF
other name Document Viewer
other name gv
other name qpdfview

but no default

So *how* should I set this if it is already mentioned in

Best wishes

Norbert Preining            preining@{jaist.ac.jp, logic.at, debian.org}
JAIST, Japan                                 TeX Live & Debian Developer
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