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Re: Fixing the mime horror ini Debian


2012-07-13 11:13, Norbert Preining skrev:
Hi everyone,

can we somehome make $subject a target for the*next*  release?
It is ridiculous that it is in fact completely arbitrary what
program is used to open files. Currently in my gnome-shell
pdfs are opened with a file-manager, as well as .txt files, as
well as anything.

That is when using xdg-open or gnome-open of gvfs-open.
When I try see, in contrast the funny okular from KDE
is started, together with these very useful services of KDE.

So maybe someone can explain what are the problems, that these
things are simply not fixd. Cannot be so complicated, right?

I think the most viable solution would be to:

1. Rewrite xdg-utils so that it is robust and always works. Instead of relying on desktop environments, it should do the needed work by itself. Currently it's something of a hack, especially when running in "generic" mode. It should probably be written in another language than shell (e.g. Perl, Python, C). A nicer user interface for the command line wouldn't hurt either.

2. Make all other packages either use xdg-utils or follow the freedesktop.org MIME specs.

I'm not planning on doing it myself though.


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