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Re: "could not perform immediate configuration"

On 2012-06-23 12:55, Vincent Bernat wrote:
> I was suggested to turn `roundcube-sqlite` into some kind of
> transitional package. But it seems difficult for me to choose between
> `roundcube-mysql` and `roundcube-sqlite`. And it does not explain why
> APT does not know how to handle this.

This should be working in apt in wheezy (I didn't verify it), but that
is not available at dist-upgrade time.

> A conflict with `roundcube-sqlite`
> may work but is it sane to add "Conflicts" for this?

I just tested Breaks and Conflicts with roundcube-sqlite (in the end
added them to all binary packages built from roundcube source), this
does not help at all (it could influence apt to prefer the decision to
remove roundcube-sqlite, but that was its intention from the very
beginning). (And I also suggested to add Breaks in another bug report
(#677403) for a different Package (gdal) to make a conflict explicit
which could be derived previously by following a chain of several
packages ...)

On the other hand, adding the following transitional package:

Package: roundcube-sqlite
Architecture: all
Depends: roundcube-mysql | roundcube-pgsql
Description: transitional dummy package to aid upgrades
 "Transitional packages are your friend, conflicts are not" D.K.
 Closes: #677803

solves the problem.


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