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Re: "could not perform immediate configuration"

On Sat, Jun 23, 2012 at 6:23 PM, Andreas Beckmann <debian@abeckmann.de> wrote:
> On 2012-06-23 12:55, Vincent Bernat wrote:
>> I was suggested to turn `roundcube-sqlite` into some kind of
>> transitional package. But it seems difficult for me to choose between
>> `roundcube-mysql` and `roundcube-sqlite`. And it does not explain why
>> APT does not know how to handle this.
> This should be working in apt in wheezy (I didn't verify it), but that
> is not available at dist-upgrade time.

I can't reproduce this in either version with our usual testcase creator
(apt/test/integration/create-test-data), but these testcases aren't exactly
what helps here, so it's kind of expected. If you want a definite answer
attaching a real /var/lib/dpkg/status to the bugreport should help.

[In general, as this might come up more often in the next weeks]
It can be feed to APT with the -o dir::state::status=/path/file option.
Simulation might not catch everything and the ordering is done after
the download, so you have to download the packages and display
instead of calling dpkg ( -o Debug::pkgDpkgPm=1 ).
[In apt/wheezy you can skip downloading with
 -o Debug::pkgAcqArchive::NoQueue=1 ]
Beware that this still runs configured hooks, so you might as well
just try it in a chroot or have a look at apt/test/integration/framework
how it setups up APT and dpkg -- of course, you can just as well
try to write a testcase, it's not that hard - but I am drifting off.

Semi-Offtopic: Interesting options for resolver debugging are:
-o Debug::pkgProblemResolver=1 # printing evaluated one-on-one fights
-o Debug::pkgDepCache::Marker=1 # Mark{Install,Delete,Keep} calls
-o Debug::pgkDepCache::AutoInstall=1 # dependency resolution

Back at the problem at hand:
I think it is more a problem of the tree below roundcube-*:
php-mdb2-driver-sqlite is dropped from wheezy, too
(which btw has still horde3 and ansel1 as rev-depends in or-groups).
php5-sqlite breaks roundcube-sqlite, so different roundcube-*sql*
packages can't co-exist.

Not sure why exactly that should be a problem, but a transitional
package probably doesn't hurt.
[Haven't looked too deeply into it as neither time nor data plan allows
 it though, so I reserve the right to change my mind any minute]

> On the other hand, adding the following transitional package:
>  "Transitional packages are your friend, conflicts are not" D.K.

I would be delighted by the quote, if I wouldn't be a bit embarrassed
that this comes from a mail I am not particular proud of …
Internet, "thou art a heartless bitch" (sometimes).
(or instead of blaming the web, simply don't write mails in a bad mood)

Best regards

David Kalnischkies

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