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ensuring package configuration order without Depends ? (was: Re: "could not perform immediate configuration")

On 2012-06-23 13:19, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> Sounds like similar problem I have with initial install of 
> buddycloud-server. It seems to me it is a problem related to 
> dbconfig-common - if both my package and dbconfig-common and dependent 
> database package is installed in same batch then my package may be 
> configured before the others and fail.

Hmm, that sounds more like #663720, although I observed that in the
upgrade case.

Package P depends on the concept "running YourSQL server" which can be
satisfied by
a) a remote db server - that is fine, it will be available while we
install/upgrade the local machine (or if the DB is down, it's out of our
local control)
b) installing yoursql-server on the local machine - that service will
not be available initially and will not be available temporarily during
the upgrade.

The problem in the second case is how to convince apt to do the right
thing (i.e. configure yoursql-server *before* P) without adding a
Depends: yoursql-server to P (which we want to avoid in order to support
remote db-servers without requiring installation of a local db-server
which would need to be disabled manually)
That includes the case of alternatives, i.e. if P
  Recommends/Suggests: yoursql-server | theirsql-server
all (installed or to-be-installed) alternatives should be configured
before P. (Otherwise it will be murphyssql-server that is configured,
satisfies the relationship, but is not the one P is going to use.)


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