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"could not perform immediate configuration"


I have a problem with one of my packages and I am unable to see the
beginning of a solution for it. The bug report is here:

In Squeeze, `roundcube` depends on `roundcube-core` which depends on
`roundcube-sqlite | roundcube-mysql | roundcube-pgsql`. Each of those
packages depends on the appropriate PHP package and client for the given

When upgrading to Wheezy, I have:

E: Could not perform immediate configuration on
'roundcube-mysql'. Please see man 5 apt.conf under
APT::Immediate-Configure for details. (2)

The manual page does not help me. There is no circular dependency and
the priority of packages is "extra".

The change between Wheezy and Squeeze is that roundcube-sqlite package
has been dropped. `roundcube-core` now depends on `roundcube-mysql |
roundcube-pgsql`. I suppose this is why I get the error but I don't know
how to solve it.

I was suggested to turn `roundcube-sqlite` into some kind of
transitional package. But it seems difficult for me to choose between
`roundcube-mysql` and `roundcube-sqlite`. And it does not explain why
APT does not know how to handle this. A conflict with `roundcube-sqlite`
may work but is it sane to add "Conflicts" for this?
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