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Re: Bug#677803: "could not perform immediate configuration"

 ❦ 23 juin 2012 18:23 CEST, Andreas Beckmann <debian@abeckmann.de> :

> This should be working in apt in wheezy (I didn't verify it), but that
> is not available at dist-upgrade time.
>> A conflict with `roundcube-sqlite`
>> may work but is it sane to add "Conflicts" for this?
> I just tested Breaks and Conflicts with roundcube-sqlite (in the end
> added them to all binary packages built from roundcube source), this
> does not help at all (it could influence apt to prefer the decision to
> remove roundcube-sqlite, but that was its intention from the very
> beginning). (And I also suggested to add Breaks in another bug report
> (#677403) for a different Package (gdal) to make a conflict explicit
> which could be derived previously by following a chain of several
> packages ...)
> On the other hand, adding the following transitional package:
> Package: roundcube-sqlite
> Architecture: all
> Depends: roundcube-mysql | roundcube-pgsql
> Description: transitional dummy package to aid upgrades
>  "Transitional packages are your friend, conflicts are not" D.K.
>  Closes: #677803
> solves the problem.

I have asked help in debian-devel@ (but forgot the Cc). But your
solution seems good in fact. I didn't think it in this way. This seems
equivalent to the current situation where someone installs roundcube
From scratch and get roundcube-mysql unless it explicitely installs
roundcube-pgsql. If I don't get any answer tomorrow in debian-devel@, I
will implement your solution.
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