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Re: Is it possible to run autopkgtest without a virtual machine ?

Charles Plessy <plessy@debian.org> writes:

> Dear all,
> I think that the idea behind autopkgtest (DEP 8) is very interesting, and could
> eventually replace build-time regression tests.  To train myself, I tried to
> implement simple tests for the tabix package.
> However, adt-run needs a virtual machine.  I know that some developers have
> some workarounds, but couldn't autopkgtest also support running tests on the local
> system ?  This would be tremendously useful when the tests can be contained in
> the binary packages, as it would make it very easy for our users and ourselves
> to test the packages.
> Have a nice day,

I think test should be run in a container (or VM) but never the local
system itself. The absolute minimum would be a chroot but a container
would give better control over things like networking.


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