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The future (or non-future) of ia32-libs


two weeks ago we hit a huge milestone with multiarch and wine:i386
became installable on amd64. Last week we hit another milestone so that
ia32-libs became mostly installable (it might still want to remove some
amd64 packages in the process depending on what you have installed).

As a consequence I've already uploaded an ia32-libs transitional package
[1], currently in NEW, that will allow ia32-libs users to easily switch
to multiarch. The transitional package can be removed when nothing
depends on it anymore and ends the nightmare of ia32-libs for good.

But the work is not done yet. There are still some bugs left to fix for
the full multiarch experience:

#677741 ia32-libs: Multiarch issues
#677735 freeglut: Please add multiarch support
#675797 sane-utils: should be Multi-Arch: foreign
#651475 isdnutils: support Multi-Arch
#677733 xcb-util-renderutil: Please add multiarch support

And then there is also ia32-libs-gtk [2], which is not yet installable as

#677762 ia32-libs-gtk: Multiarch issues
#677787 gtk2-engines-xfce: Please add multiarch support
#677788 lesstif2: Please add multiarch support
#650777 libgnomecanvas: Please mark libgnomecanvas-common Multi-Arch: foreign
#676914 libsasl2-2: binNMU broke multi-arch installability
#650787 libglade2: Please transition libglade2 for multiarch
#676918 libsasl2-2:amd64: Package is MA-same, but changelog differs between architectures after binNMU
#641614 libidl: please convert to multiarch
#641615 orbit2: Please convert to multiarch
#677786 libwmf: Please add multiarch support
#677778 libbonobo: Please add multiarch support
#677779 at-spi: Please add multiarch support

Any help NMUing (if not already in delayed) those package would be
apreciated. If we can get those bugs fixed in the next week then 99% of
the multiarch needs for amd64 will be covered.

If you do test those packages and find other bugs then please report
them set them as blocking the respective meta bug (#677741 or #677762).
Those bugs should also be usertagged with:

      user: multiarch-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org
      usertags: multiarch

That way they count towards the multiarch release goal [3] and show up
on the QA page of the relevant package as blocking that goal.

Dear Release Team,

ia32-libs now builds 2 transitional packages: ia32-libs:amd64 and
ia32-libs-i386:i386. The former depends on the later and the later
depends on all the 32bit libraries that ia32-libs used to contain. This
means that the dependencies of ia32-libs:amd64 are not fullfillable in
amd64 and the package will need some big hammer to get it past britney
into testing, as previosuly discussed.

Upgrading from squeeze to wheezy also needs 3 steps and should be
documented in the release notes. This applies to ia32-libs,
ia32-libs-gtk, wine, any other 32bit stuff for amd64 that switches to

Step 1: upgrade/dist-upgrade with ia32-libs (wine, ...) held back
Step 2: dpkg --add-architecture i386 && apt-get update
Step 3: dist-upgrade (ia32-libs, wine, ... is now installable)

Help from some native english speaker to write something for the release
notes would be welcome.


[1] http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/i/ia32-libs/ia32-libs_20120616.dsc
[2] http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/i/ia32-libs-gtk/ia32-libs-gtk_20120616.dsc
[3] http://wiki.debian.org/ReleaseGoals/MultiArch

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