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Re: [RFC] Add upstream VCS info to control file

On 06/15/2012 01:50 PM, Gergely Nagy wrote:
> While having a standardized way would be useful, there's just so many
> workflows, that you can't possibly cover all of them with a single
> syntax, and in the end, you'd end up with having to call
> package-specific scripts in the source.
> We already have Vcs-*, to check out the debian branch. If debian/rules
> would have an optional target, similar to get-orig-source, that would
> finish checking out the repository, grabbing upstream stuff, and setting
> up branches too, that would solve your problem.
> debcheckout could be extended to check whether the target exists, and
> call it too, so in the end, you'd end up with using a single command,
> that gets you what you want.
> And we didn't attempt to cover every different case with a single syntax
> in debian/control, or another file.
> Call this target get-vcs-source or similar, and voila!

Yeah, a hook of any sorts is ok for me. The get-vcs-source in debian/rules
seems quite ok to me. Should debcheckout be modified to call it? It's part
of devscript, do you think it's ok if I submit a wishlist bug report against
devscript to ask for such feature?


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