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Re: Moving /tmp to tmpfs is fine

+++ Thorsten Glaser [2012-05-27 17:52 +0000]:
> Wookey dixit:
> >here's a case where a lot of space gets used in there: open a .ppt
> >(powerpoint) file in libreoffice. The conversion involves writing a
> >file in /tmp/<mktmpdir> for every page/image. To open an image-heavy
> >256Mb .ppt I have lying about here, generates 382MB of files in /tmp.
> Ouch. (But nobody said Staroffice/Openoffice/Libreoffice/whatsitsname
> was light.) This sounds like another of these cases where the software
> would benefit from changes _independent_ of the tmpfs setting.

> >So I'm with serge that this can be a real-world problem. I'm
> I don’t disagree but still stand by that these are corner cases.

How can 'opening a big .ppt I was just sent', be a corner case? That's
the sort of thing 'normal people' do on a daily basis. 

And if we have any pretence of Debian being useful outside the people
on this list we really should have defaults which mean it 'just
works' (if your disk isn't full already).

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