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Re: Moving /tmp to tmpfs is fine

2012/5/25 Neil Williams wrote:

> You cannot expect to mix those two worlds and for things to "just
> work".

Easy. Let's leave /tmp on a real disk and both world will "just work".

> If program A is too resource-hungry, find (or write) program B.

Or fix the program A, right? And here we go... By default the program
Debian is too memory-hungry (with large tmpfs) or breaking apps (with
small tmpfs). Let's fix that? ;)

> The default is fine and sane but no default will ever satisfy every
> possible device. Low memory devices have many many more problems than
> just where /tmp is mounted.

Every system becomes "Low memory" with these defaults. Assuming you've
set your tmpfs size to 20% you need 2.5GB memory just to "temporarily"
unpack kernel sources and check for some files.

Or it's supposed to be unpacked not in /tmp? And other programs should
not be using /tmp to write large files? Then what *real* programs should
use /tmp now? Is it useless for popular programs?

> That does NOT mean that Debian should change the default just to suit
> low memory devices. [...] we just have to be careful what applications
> we use.

So instead of fixing the defaults you suggest everybody to drop the
programs they use (mc, firefox, mysql)? ;)


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