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Re: Moving /tmp to tmpfs is fine

Wookey dixit:

>But there is this issue of the way its vfs does temporay unpacking in
>/tmp. That makes sense in the 'this is temporary, it should go away on
>reboot' sense, but some big files will use up a lot of ram when /tmp
>is tmpfs. 
>I don't know what the right thing to do about this is, but the 'set
>TMPDIR' sugestion is useless IMHO. When I start mc I have no idea what
>things will be unpacked under the VFS over the next days/weeks. I

Yes. What I was trying to say was: set TMPDIR for many operations,
but file managers, such as mc, should be patched to apply heuristics
to determine whether to use /tmp or /var/tmp.

>don't want _everything_ to go in /var/tmp and not get cleaned up
>automatically (is there cron job that does this for old files?)

I think there is, but may be confusing with BSD, from which I know
for sure /tmp is cleaned at reboot and, daily, files older than
seven days. (Note that we see another benefit of tmpfs for /tmp
and for *most* files here: when mc segfaults again, its tempfiles
will not linger around long when in /tmp on tmpfs…)

>Perhaps mc should get clever and change TMPDIR itself on the fly for
>large files, but I don't know how practical that is. 


>here's a case where a lot of space gets used in there: open a .ppt
>(powerpoint) file in libreoffice. The conversion involves writing a
>file in /tmp/<mktmpdir> for every page/image. To open an image-heavy
>256Mb .ppt I have lying about here, generates 382MB of files in /tmp.

Ouch. (But nobody said Staroffice/Openoffice/Libreoffice/whatsitsname
was light.) This sounds like another of these cases where the software
would benefit from changes _independent_ of the tmpfs setting. (It could
for example do that only for the first few pages, doing others as the
timeline progresses.)

>So I'm with serge that this can be a real-world problem. I'm

I don’t disagree but still stand by that these are corner cases.

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