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Re: On init in Debian

On Thu, Mar 22, 2012 at 8:07 PM, Svante Signell
<svante.signell@telia.com> wrote:
> Please, don't make things unbearably complicated in case something
> breaks!!! Network *should* work also in console mode... Looking forward
> to the which nasty bugs in the future are caused by systemd/upstart!

Wow. You *clearly* don't know how NM, upstart, or systemd work, and
you don't want to put any effort into learning. And that's ok. But it
doesn't mean NM, upstart or systemd are any more complicated than the
technology they aim to replace.

> This "progress" more and more looks like what happened to the abilities
> of repairing your own car: How many is able to do that today compared to
> some years ago? Now you have to call the emergency service to transfer
> it to the "experts" in the garage for computer check and repair.
> Progress is not always for the benefit of the users, but for the
> developers!?

This is non-sense. If you want to continue to "drive an old, slow and
unsafe car", you can just stop updating your install, or benefit only
security updates (while they last). If you want *any* sort of
progress, you've got to deal with the possibility of breakage. That's
why we have processes in place to avoid this breakage.

You can always keep using squeeze forever. Nobody is preventing you
from doing that. Expecting everyone else to do the same, though, is


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