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Re: [Debian-l10n-devel] DDTSS broken

On 02/22/2012 03:10 AM, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
Martin Eberhard Schauer<Martin.E.Schauer@gmx.de>  (21/02/2012):
As I can't magically fix all this by myself, I think that the only
choice I have is detailing the simple alternative we have:

- revert the change that drop long descriptions from Packages files

- live with the localization effort of packages descriptions being
   broken and several localization teams demotivated
... especially the most active ones until now

The next step after fixing the bug will be cleaning the database
from about 30+K useless entrys.

On ddtp.debian.org should be a database dump from last year...

Maybe we should import this dump... and start a new importer...

Michael Bramer

email: m.bramer@deb-support.de
Tel: +49 170 2253865

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