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Re: Description-less Packages indices

On 19/02/2012 22:38, Joe Dalton wrote:

Martin Eberhard Schauer writes:

The changes have ill side-effects:
   - DDTP/DDTSS is partially broken (1). The Database has $(nr_of_packages)
     new entrys since 01-22 containing just the short description.

the DDTSS is totally broken :-(
No new translation since this modification (only few revisions of old translations).
The Italian team has stop all activities and I think also all others teams.
For this, Wheezy will have lot of packages description only in English :-(

If a DD make a change on a package description that package will lose all the translation in other languages. :-(

   - In (5) there is the link why it was done: (6). IMHO one part of the
reasoning is
     not really convincing.

         ... and also enables non-English-speaking users (and eventually
         multi-arch enabled APT) to save on download size, as they no longer
         need to download a language that is of no use to them or is already

yes, from now it will download a smaller Translation-xy file (where xy != en) so it will save a lot of download size, but I don't think it will be happy... there are a lot of people that don't know English and they will go away from Debian if it become only English distro.

I'm not in a position, to estimate this effect, but the change has a severe impact
on the translation effort at least for Danish and I guess that the above situation
has lasted for some time (downloading several long descriptions).

I think that all translation teams are now completely blocked.

It must be possible to undone this change, until a solution for the translation
robot has been prepared.



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