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DDTSS broken (was: Description-less Packages indices)

Christian PERRIER wrote:
Quoting Davide Prina (davide.prina@gmail.com):
the DDTSS is totally broken :-(
When this change happened, I somehow secretly expected someone to step
up and try fixing the DDT* things. ...  So, as many, I discovered the problem
when it happened. not immediately as, at the same time,
i18n.debian.net was broken too.

Nobody stepped up, which indeed proves how fragile is our system (and
that includes i18n.debian.net being fragile).
Perhaps the white knight is Cyril Brulebois (1). A problem is
that very few people know where the code is hosted - the bug was
filed against  www.debian.org. If we are lucky, reassigning
to debian-i18n will speed up things.
As I can't magically fix all this by myself, I think that the only
choice I have is detailing the simple alternative we have:

- revert the change that drop long descriptions from Packages files

- live with the localization effort of packages descriptions being
   broken and several localization teams demotivated
... especially the most active ones until now

The next step after fixing the bug will be cleaning the database
from about 30+K useless entrys.

1: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?archive=no&bug=657557#17

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