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Description-less Packages indices

Martin Eberhard Schauer <Martin.E.Schauer@gmx.de> writes:

> The changes have ill side-effects:
>  - DDTP/DDTSS is partially broken (1). The Database has $(nr_of_packages)
>    new entrys since 01-22 containing just the short description.
>  - These (untranslated) one-liners is what one gets visiting (2), e.g. (3).
>  - There are no new Translation-xx files (4).
>  - In (5) there is the link why it was done: (6). IMHO one part of the
> reasoning is
>    not really convincing.
>        ... and also enables non-English-speaking users (and eventually
>        multi-arch enabled APT) to save on download size, as they no longer
>        need to download a language that is of no use to them or is already
>        there.

But I need to download binary-amd64/Packages, binary-i386/Packages,
binary-armel/Packages, binary-mipsel/Packages. That is 4 times nearly
identical sets of long descriptions. Now I only need to download the
english "translation" once.

I'm not in a position, to estimate this effect, but the change has a severe impact
on the translation effort at least for Danish and I guess that the above situation
has lasted for some time (downloading several long descriptions).

It must be possible to undone this change, until a solution for the translation 

robot has been prepared.


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