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Re: /tmp as tmpfs and consequence for imaging software


On Sun, 13 Nov 2011 15:39:51 +0100
Salvo Tomaselli <tiposchi@tiscali.it> wrote:

> > $HOME is not really nice but it could work. I have a tmp dir under
> > my home directry and some script to clean up at every log on.

> $HOME seems like a very bad idea to me. At least if used by default...

> Many universities (and i guess other places too) keep the homes on a
> file server and the rest locally.

In my university we had a local aufs(ro:nfs + rw:tmpfs) home plus
nfs-backed ~/work which all the workstations shared. If you wanted to,
you could use a subdirectory in ~/work, but given enough chmods anyone
could easily remove your data. That didn't apply to Windows users which
accessed the same nfs mount using a different user id :)

WBR, Andrew

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