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Re: /tmp as tmpfs and consequence for imaging software

]] Bastien ROUCARIES 


| No it is not true. Science and imaging software are better to use true
| disk baked file. For instance, if I want ot invert a big matrix they
| are pretty good algorithm that force only some part of the file to be
| keep on disk. They known better than kernel when to put somepart on
| the data on the slow disk.

I doubt the authors of said software is better at writing VMs than the
kernel authors are.  Even if they are as good, the software isn't in a
position to know the needs ot the whole system, just what the particular
application needs.

| Using tmpfs under /tmpfs you break assumptions on the life expendancy
| of memory object.

How is this broken?  It's not like /tmp is magically cleaned more often
just because it's a tmpfs.

| And you slow down this kind of software (that work perfecly for 40
| years).

If the architecture of a piece of software is the same as it was 40
years ago, it's not particularly well adapted to today's machines, since
it won't know how to take advantage of virtual memory, multiple cores,

Tollef Fog Heen
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