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Re: /tmp as tmpfs and consequence for imaging software

]] Roger Leigh 


| But we can certainly deprecate /etc/default/tmpfs and rely solely upon
| the hardcoded defaults in /lib/init/tmpfs.sh.

Yes, please and thanks. :-)

(Maybe consider doing a one-time migration to /etc/fstab and then drop
support for the settings in /etc/default a bit further down the road.)

| [...] I quite like the existing approach having the fstab entries
| optional should the user choose to override the settings, since the
| majority of users will never then need to care about it.

This would be fine with me.  The main point is to have one place to set
up custom mount points (be it tmpfs /tmp or special mount options for
whatever other file systems exist) and that should be /etc/fstab.

Tollef Fog Heen
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