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Re: RFC: Making mail-transport-agent Priority: optional

On Sat, 15 Oct 2011, Ben Hutchings wrote:
> If I want to send mail from my personal address I should send it
> through my own smarthost. If I want to send mail from my work
> address I *must* send it through the work smarthost (thanks to SPF).
> I could possibly configure this at the MTA level, but no other user
> should be allowed to use my credentials to send mail through the
> work smarthost.

Right, so what would be ideal is if a transport-only MTA knew enough
to read ~/.config/mail to figure out that if it was executed as your
user, and you were sending with From: ben@work.org,[1] it should use
smtp.work.org with your specific configuration. Then, if you happened
to be sending using mailx to work, or needed to switch MUAs, it would
all "just work" correctly, without needing to manually configure
things again.
> For my own systems there is a reasonable system default of using my
> own smarthost, but I wouldn't expect most households to have that.
> Other people could use their ISP's smarthost. But in general, each
> member of a household might use a different mail service. Then what
> would be the system default?

Presumably, one would select one of them to be the system default,
which would also be the user default.

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