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Re: New package doesn't fix the problem in the old version

* Raf Czlonka <rafal.czlonka@gmail.com> [111007 17:17]:
> While the new package indeed does not contain the bug itself when
> installed as a new package on a system which hadn't had it before,
> it does not fix the bug if installed on a system with the older version.

As I had problems of understanding this first let me recap the

git-stuff before 5-1 created a buggy file when getting installed that
is still causing problems when git-stuff 7-1 is installed.

So it's not so much a bug in 7-1 but 7-1 not tidy up the mess left by
earlier versions.

As git-stuff was never released, those earlier buggy versions were
not released either, so only people installing unstable or testing
are effected.

For not too serious stuff in unstable it is usually widely accepted
that people sometimes might have to clean things up themselves.
(Any cleaning code means the package is bigger for everyone and
any fix could go wrong and introduce new bugs).

I'm not sure what the consensus for packages that were in testing
is (or if there was a consensus at all). I guess it mostly depends
on the time it was in testing and how complicated the fix is.

The bug was only in testing for either for 50 days or for 25 days,
so it might depend how complex the fix is.

	Bernhard R. Link

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