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Re: New package doesn't fix the problem in the old version

the facts..

  * #640016 was introduced in version 2-1 on 2011-08-02.

  * #640016 was reported on 2011-09-01 and fixed on 2011-09-01 in
    version 5-1.

  * version 4-1 with the bug migrated on 2011-08-23 to testing,
    version 7-1 without the bug migrated on 2011-09-17 to testing.

  * testing was affected by the bug for 25 days.

  * the bug is by default not in the wild (git-repositories-repack
    cronjob, priority low debconf question, defaults to no).

  * the bug is just that the wrongly called scripts fails by doing
    nothing. worst case: user is annoyed by an error message that
    nothing happened.

  * git-stuff was not yet part of a stable release.

my opinion..

  * everything that Bernhard already said.

  * adding preinst scripts that check for certain md5sums for files
    sucks, in particular since in theory, you can only get rid of them
    after stable+1. so not worth the hassle, in particulary not to
    blow up the package considerably and unecessarily for everyone until
    stable+1, just to mitigate a minor annoyance for a handful of

  * unstable and *testing* users are supposed to be able to cope with
    the one or other glitch, if they don't, they use stable.

  * this is a colossal waste of time.


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