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Re: debian/rules binary and build target dependencies clarification

* Дмитрий Матросов <sgf.dma@gmail.com> [111007 16:27]:
> But in the section 7.7 of Debian policy manual:
> > clean, build-arch, and binary-arch
> >    Only the Build-Depends and Build-Conflicts fields must be satisfied when
> >    these targets are invoked.
> > build, build-indep, binary, and binary-indep
> >    The Build-Depends, Build-Conflicts, Build-Depends-Indep, and
> >    Build-Conflicts-Indep fields must be satisfied when these targets are
> >    invoked.
> And footnote 55:
> > Anyone building the build-indep and binary-indep targets is assumed to be
> > building the whole package, and therefore installation of all build
> > dependencies is required.
> So, as i understand, in this case dependencies will look like
>    binary : binary-arch  binary-indep
>    binary-indep : build-indep build-arch               <----?

What you write here looks like makefile dependencies, i.e. like
something written in debian/rules. In that sense it is obviously
wrong. Nothing says you must have called build-arch to be able
to run build-indep or binary-indep.

All it says is that people are not required to add things to
"Build-Depends-Indep:" which are already in "Build-Depends:".

	Bernhard R. Link

P.S: Note that currently Build-Depends-Indep is not working as
Debian is stalled in a decade old dream for a technical solution,
so one has to put everything in Build-Depends anyway...

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