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Re: Bits from the Release Team - Kicking off Wheezy

* Arno Töll (debian@toell.net) [110430 15:17]:
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> On 30.04.2011 14:36, Andreas Barth wrote:
> > Feel free to use rolling.debian.net, set it up and have success. Like
> > aj did with setting up testing (after frozen has burned IIRC three
> > release managers without an release).
> Perhaps that's a not a particular fair demand. See, crucial for Raphaels
> idea as I read it is "official" support to users using a rolling
> distribution. For both, user support and bug fixing of course.

Actually, it worked quite well for both volatile and backports to
start as a non-official service. As well as building packages in
non-free. And lots of other stuff which was implemented.

Why shouldn't it work for rolling.d.n?

> IRC support channels and all they get is "Sorry, we don't support
> rolling.debian.net, get lost and bother $r_d_n_people"; documentation
> suggests "don't use anything but stable" and maintainer don't care about
> fixing bugs which could improve r.d.n stability.

That's the way it was with volatile and backports, which both have
become official sevices by now.

Why should that be different for rolling.d.n?

> I agree. This does not imply others should sabotage his efforts
> actively.

That's an interessting claim. Please show where someone has sabotaged


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