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Re: Bits from the Release Team - Kicking off Wheezy

* Raphael Hertzog (hertzog@debian.org) [110430 14:28]:
> On Sat, 30 Apr 2011, Andreas Barth wrote:
> > * Raphael Hertzog (hertzog@debian.org) [110430 09:46]:
> > > > Who is going to install a "rolling" release instead of "testing"?
> > > 
> > > If we change our documentation to say that rolling can be used by anyone
> > > who likes a constantly evolving distribution (and can live with the
> > > occasionnal hiccup) and that we will do our best to support it, then the
> > > public of testing/rolling will be larger.
> > 
> > Do you have numbers for that, or is that just a PR claim from you?
> I don't have numbers. But even if I'm wrong, what does it cost us to
> try it and to be honest about we're trying to achieve?

Feel free to use rolling.debian.net, set it up and have success. Like
aj did with setting up testing (after frozen has burned IIRC three
release managers without an release). "Show that it works" is the
Debian principle, and it works pretty well.

But don't expect that you can commander my time.


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