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Re: Disable ZeroConf: how to ?

On 2011-03-04, Philip Hands <phil@hands.com> wrote:
> I'd have decided to install it, and so if there were any issues with it,
> it would be my fault for installing it, but since I'm not aware of ever
> having needed it, and since I don't use gnome (although I occasionally
> install gnome-ish things, which is probably the thing that drags it back
> in again) it's always a surprise when I notice it on my machine, and of
> course, it's always a nasty surprise, because when it's doing what it's
> supposed to do I won't notice it, so the fact that I've noticed it means
> that something has gone weird with my network (quite possibly unrelated
> to avahi) and as a result avahi has allocated one of it's 169.254.*
> addresses, which I never want it to do, so when I see them I blame theq
> unexpected network behaviour on avahi.

Interestingly long sentence for an Englishman.  Anyway: That's a feature
of avahi-autoipd, not avahi-daemon.  avahi-daemon shouldn't mess with
your networking, and avahi-autoipd is just a suggestion by avahi-daemon,
not even a recommends (and it seems to be a suggests of various other
packages as well, like isc-dhcp-client and network-manager).

The other part that might mess with your network is libnss-mdns.  That one was
regularly pulled in some years back and broke all installations that used the
.local suffix for their local network.  This one is a recommends of
avahi-daemon.  It won't cause a 169.254/16 to appear, but it might break
DNS name resolution in intersting ways.

Kind regards
Philipp Kern

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