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Re: Disable ZeroConf: how to ?

Le jeudi 03 mars 2011 à 00:33 +0100, Adam Borowski a écrit : 
> > As Philipp pointed out, only gnome depends on it, and that’s not
> > gnome-desktop-environment. You can use the latter if you want only the
> > official GNOME desktop.
> gnome-desktop-environment
>   Depends: gnome-user-share

Ah right, this one was added more recently.

> A client system is not supposed to run any public network services,
> especially not in the default config.  I have never in my life felt the need
> to do anything provided by either gnome-user-share or telepathy-salut (or
> anything that has to do with telepathy for that matter), and I doubt most
> users have either.  None of them do anything good unless configured, too.

Note that until you configure gnome-user-share, only avahi is started;
gnome-user-share itself is not.

> When an user actually uses that "easy file sharing" or link-local instant
> messaging, avahi could be started, but there's no reason to do that before.

That might be possible using D-Bus activation. Feel free to get in touch
with the avahi developers if you want to implement it.

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