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Re: Ruby changes for Wheezy

Philipp Kern <trash@philkern.de> writes:

> On 2011-03-04, Stefano Zacchiroli <zack@debian.org> wrote:
>>=== Generation of ri and rdoc documentation ===
>> We decide not to generate the ri and rdoc documentation, as there are
>> good online services providing it (like rdoc.info). We might change
>> our mind later. :)
> Are you sure about that? Not that I do much Ruby nowadays, but for
> other languages I find it incredibly helpful that there are actually
> useful doc packages for the times when I'm disconnected from the net
> (longer train sessions, lodges without internet access). Back then ri
> was a very nice tool to lookup most functions you need.

If ri and rdoc generation is handled by a post install hook, this hook
can check a local configuration variable to generate documentation, or
silently exit.

Stig Sandbeck Mathisen <ssm@debian.org>

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