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Disable ZeroConf: how to ?


More and more packages depend on avahi aka zeroconf. I have found some information on http://wiki.debian.org/ZeroConf 

Because I work in a untrusted work place and home network (public networks, wifi...) I whish to purge zeroconf functionnality.

however a lot of package depends (or recommend) instead of suggest avahi-daemon and thus I could not purge this piece of software 
that I believe insecure in my context.

Does avahi could be disable (using kernel level firewalling is not from my point of view a solution) ?

And more specifically from an administrator point of view does avahi could library could be made purgeable and no more than suggest 
dependencies (I am willing to fill a mass bug report because purging avahi will purge gnome and kde ...) ?

And moreover could you give a clear answer about the security risk on untrusted network ? 



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